William Edgar 1847-1930

Relationship to me:- Great, Great Uncle.

Mary Ann Barnes was born at Cavendish, Victoria in 1846 and died at Burwood, New South Wales in 1914.

The first five of their eleven children were all born in Victoria, most likely at Harrow.

Halbert James born 14th. February 1866.  Then,

Robert born in 1867 and

William Edward born in 1870 and possibly died in 1896 at Cassilis, New South Wales.

Margaret Elizabeth, born in 1872. Then came

Isabella Annie born 1873.  Bella married Mr.George A. Elliss at Sydney in 1900 and passed away at Mosman in Sydney in 1954.  George died at Taree, New South Wales in 1912. Then came,

Walter Arthur who was born in 1876 at Forbes, New South Wales.

The remainder of the children were all born at Hillston, New South Wales.

John Rennick born in 1879

Mary A. (Tibbie?) born in 1881. It is most likely Mary died young at Hillston, New South Wales in 1882.  (There is also an entry for a similar Mary A. who passed away in 1914 at Burwood New South Wales)

David A. was born in 1882 followed by

Mabel who was born in 1884.  In 1909 Mabel married Mr. William S Dunn at Forbes New South Wales.  And then

Alice who was  born in 1886

Although all the birth years are verified with obtainable Registry records, cost prohibits the acquiring of all certificates to be absolutely certain of marriage and death dates.